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Monday, June 9, 2014

Here comes Summer....

So...are you ready?

Summer is right around the corner...are you ready for it?

Gardens all planted...patio furniture clean...mulching done....all those little (or big) maintenance jobs (that the Winter caused) taken care of???

Yes...that's what we have been doing, too!! If it seems like I have neglected my blogging duties...now you know why!!

Around here....this time of year is about much, much more than getting ready for Summer....we are, also, getting ready for Fall and Christmas!! Most of my merchandise orders (including candy!!!!) are in...and quite a bit of the merchandise has, actually, already arrived ( NOT the candy!!!)!! I have a few more orders to place....and lots and lots of planning to do!!! It's one of the things I do when I am "relaxing" (hahaha....you all know I don't know HOW to do that!!!!) in the Summer!!We have BIG plans....hopefully ALL of them work out!!!

It's a strange life...but I am very lucky to get to do it!!

I love my store...and all of my customers...and I love what I get to do "for a living"!! Not everyone can say that!! The last couple of weeks I have been meeting with my "Reps"...to get all of the merchandise ordered for Fall and Christmas...and, whenever I do, they all tell me how lucky we are to be so busy....but I know that!! I know how lucky we are to have such wonderful, loyal, amazing clientele...and how lucky we are to be able to call SO many of them friends!!

And....right now on the newsstands...there is a magazine with a picture of us (wonderful of my daughters...hideous of me!! Hahahaha....) under the heading "Best Girl's Lunch" which proves HOW amazing our clientele is...because your votes got us there!!

I tried to "deflect" the spotlight with humor, when I posted this news on my Facebook page...it didn't work the way I wanted it to....you just can't explain things or use a lot of words on Facebook!!! I wasn't trying to boast...or make a big deal out of it...I was just trying to say "thank you"!! Thank you for loving our food...thank you for loving our baked goods...thank you for loving our merchandise...thank you for loving US and for being our friends!!!

While you are enjoying your Summer....relaxing and basking in the sunshine (that we deserve after that Winter we had!!!!) know that we are coming up with new ideas...ordering the very BEST new Halloween and Christmas merchandise EVER....and working very, very hard to continue to be the place you love....who knows...we might even get to be in another magazine very soon...hint, hint, wink, wink!!!!!!!!

Hey.....Happy Summer!!

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