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Monday, July 28, 2014

Slow down??? Nah!!!!

Oh my....it has been TOO long...again!!

Generally speaking, in the world of retail and small business, there are two times during the year that are a little "slower". January and February....and July (that's, I believe, where the "Christmas in July" came from...an attempt to get the consumers into stores to spend money!!)

Thankfully....we are not, in any way shape or form, "typical!!!!! We don't really have any "slow" times (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!) we seem to be pretty steady (with amazing bursts of SOOO busy!!!!) all year long!!

However....during those times of the year that should be "slower"....I start to come up with BIG projects!!! It always seems that sometime in January, when we are supposed to be "recovering" (aka "resting") from the Holiday madness...I decide to redecorate or move every single piece of furniture in the whole shop!!! (My whole family will back me up, here!!!) And....July, especially THIS July, seems to be no exception!!

Not only did we repaint the entire front dining room...(and....I still have many, many, MORE projects that I want to get done!!) I have been rethinking the whole gift shop experience, too!! So....while for many....this month is all about relaxing and taking vacations...that is NOT what July is all about for me!!

Hopefully you had the chance to come in and see all of our redecorating in person....but, even if you did, make sure you come in again and again. There is a lot more magic up my sleeve!! And....Fall and Halloween are right around the corner!! This...our 20th year....is going to be one to remember!!! I hope you all come along for the ride!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ho, Ho, Holy Cow....20th year!!!

I cannot believe that the 4th of July has come and gone!! I hope you had a fun and relaxing Holiday...we certainly couldn't have asked for better weather!! I don't think I ever, ever remember wondering if I would need a sweatshirt before!!!

But....the Holiday is over...and now we can get down to business!!

This month marks the beginning of our twentieth year in business!! I'll bet there are a whole bunch of you, reading this right now, who can count yourselves among our "originals"!! Just remember...if you do...you are "dating" yourselves!! hahahaha....

There is no question about it....we have the best, most amazing customers!! We, basically, invite you into our (second) home and consider you to be our extended family!!

So....I wanted to thank you...somehow!!

I decided to have a "sale"....a Christmas in July!! Now...I am aware that this is, really, not all that earth shattering. Everyone...everywhere...has sales (and Christmas in July)! But, around here....we don't!! I spend a lot of time picking out the merchandise we carry. Everything we have is something I would have in my own home (and probably do....) I try to stock only the best, the most unique, decor and gifts. And, of course, Holidays....ALL of them....are a soft spot for me...which is why we have a reputation for the best selection...anywhere!! Usually....the merchandise moves...WELL....and the little that is "left" just gets packed and makes a return visit (and is, usually the first thing that sells....) the next time around!! I love everything we carry....so I have no problem getting to see it again. It's a lot like unpacking my favorite decorations, here at home!! Deciding to have a sale is a big thing....and I wanted to do it just right!!

Now....you all know I can't do anything the way "others" do....so...this is a "progressive" sale. What does that mean??? Each week I am adding more to the list of sale items. By the end of the month there will be all KINDS of stuff discounted!! Just trying to keep it FUN!! But....don't wait until the end of the month!! You don't want to miss anything!!

Visit....actually GO to...our Facebook page. I will let you know what is on sale each week. You know what....better yet, come in and see for yourself!! Not only will we have new things discounted....we have new things coming in all the time!! Treasure hunting....awaits!!!

Come in and start your Christmas shopping......or treat yourself!! Just remember...we REALLY appreciate your loyalty!! I think our twentieth year will be the best one yet!!