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Monday, August 18, 2014

Fall is right around the corner....and I had nothing to do with it!!!

Are you ready?? Is it just me...or does it seem like it's been Fall for weeks?

This has been one odd Summer! Don't get me wrong.... I am not complaining...we work in front of ovens all day long! But, still, it was a little bit of a let down, especially after the winter we had. Even parts of my garden didn't seem to know what to do. Quite a few of my flowers seemed slow to take off, the vegetables (and my birdhouse gourd) took their time setting fruit. Odd....

But....like it or not...Fall IS right around the corner!! And, contrary to what some might think, it isn't the retail communities fault!!

It has become something of a "sport"...bashing the retail world for the "rushing" of the seasons. Is there Halloween candy in the stores "already"? Yup....but, in all fairness, you don't have to buy it!! However...if you are one of the millions of people who adore candy corn...this is the ONLY time of year you can "get your fix". So...clearly....the stores are catering to YOU. Are the stores selling their Summer clothes at a reduced price...yup. Would it be smarter to sit on the inventory and hope that you, the consumer, won't notice that the same clothes are out next year?? Are the Fall and early Winter clothes taking their place on the racks...yup. Are you shopping for back to school?? Will you be purchasing shorts and tank tops...nope!

So....here we are....at the end of August...and the Fall and Halloween decorations are showing up, in the stores!! Is it "rushing" the season? Does time go faster when there are decorations and candy in the stores?? Should we be sad that Summer is coming to an end...or does it give us something to look forward to??

When it comes to decorating, especially Holiday decorating, the rules have changed. If Christmas is "your season"...it is socially acceptable to "skip" the turkey decorations and go straight to Santa Claus. If Halloween is "your thing" there is no reason in the world to put any plain pumpkins around...go Jack-O-Lanterns all the way!! I think part of this is everyone's busy schedule....I know that's why I do it!! I only have so much time to get the decorating done...and not a whole lot of time to enjoy my collections....so I decorate early!! That way I have time to enjoy each and every season as it comes!!

Unfortunately...I am noticing another change in the world...and it's not a good one!! Somewhere along the line...it has become "okay" to voice your opinion...even when it's really not appropriate!! What happened to common courtesy? With "if you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything"?? Or...how about..."treat people the way YOU want to be treated"?? Once upon a time....all of these fell under the category of "manners"....something I think the world is sorely lacking!!!

Hey....I have opinions, too....lots of them!! I have disassociated myself from people that I think are caustic, I have fought "the system" more than once...(when there is injustice...someone needs to speak up) I have stopped going into businesses because I don't like the way they treat people...but I have never questioned why people do things differently than I do because, frankly, it's not my place...and none of my business!! With everyone on at least one (if not ALL of them) social website...there seems to be a whole lot of unsolicited opinion giving...unsolicited, unnecessary, unwanted...opinion giving. If you do the best you can...and treat people the way you would want to be treated...there is only one opinion that matters!!

So....stepping down from the soapbox....in conclusion...if you are ready for Fall, know that you are not alone!! Go out (YES....to Sweet Memories...we have the BEST selection...anywhere!!!!) and buy that new Halloween decoration, or grab a bag of that candy corn and sit poolside to enjoy it!! Life is just too short to care what "people" think...you are the only one you have to answer to...