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Monday, September 29, 2014

A well feathered nest.....

Oh...there's no place like home!!

And nothing makes me happier than making mine as cozy as possible!!

I know that is not at the top of each and every list. That's okay. If we were all the same it would be a boring world...but, for me, it is as important as breathing!!

I think roots are very important. I think traditions are important, too...although I believe they can be tweaked, as necessary, and new ones can be created without upsetting the balance of things!!

We have made our "antique" house our home for the last 30 years....and that means a lot to me!! I never stayed anywhere for any length of time, growing up. I don't have any "place" that I can call my childhood home...but my kids do!!

We started making this house a home long before we even moved in. We painted every square inch (literally) of the inside...along with a whole bunch of other projects....and I was in my element!! Those sorts of "home improvement" projects still make me happy...along with decorating for each and every season and Holiday! I love to find "stuff"....unique, nostalgic, cool decorations...that makes me happy and starts conversations!! Some of it is vintage....some new...but when it's all mixed together it says us!! (Hmmm....perhaps this explains WHY there is a "Sweet Memories"?!?)

There is nothing better, at the end of a long, long day (and when you own your own business...that's EVERY day!!) than coming home to the place that makes you feel happy...and comfortable...and rooted!! The place where you can recharge...the place where you are safe!

This world is a little crazy...and getting crazier by the minute!! So many horrible things...so much to worry about! It just seems like a good idea for all of us to try a little harder...be a little nicer...and, maybe, feather our nests a little more than ever!! If you are rooted....that "nest" will get you through all kinds of things (including feeling REALLY under the weather!!!!) and will make you a much happier person!!

So...today...on my day "off"...I am running all of the errands that I couldn't run because I was "under the weather" (so far behind!!!) trying to clean up some of the yard, get a few little projects done around the house, planning to grab a few pumpkins to finish decorating outside and maybe poke around an antique shop or two...see if I can find anything!! All of which falls under the category of "nest feathering"!! Here's to Monday...and fellow "featherers" everywhere!!!