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Monday, October 13, 2014

A big celebration...their way!!

Another wedding in our family....another very personal celebration!! I don't think it should be any other way!!

A wedding is a big thing. It's a big decision, a big commitment and a big celebration! I don't think there is a better way to start a life together than for that celebration to have "you" written all over it!!

This one...did!!

My daughter has always had a "thing" for another time...she loves the old music, the cars, the clothes, the colors...the decor (especially 50's kitchen stuff....she has a huge collection!!!) so it was only natural that she would think about a wedding with a 50's feel. Of course, thinking about it....and pulling it off...can be two different things!!

After many, many plans....and even more "plan B's"....my daughter and SON-IN-LAW, finally, found EXACTLY what they were looking for!! There is a diner outside of Lancaster called "DJ's...taste of the 50's". We have checked out many, many retro diners, in our day, but this place has it all!! Including some very accommodating owners!! They opened on their day off...just for us...made us all burgers (with or without cheese...as noted on the place cards!!) and french fries (in the red baskets with black and white checked paper!!), milkshakes (flavors also noted on the placecards!!!) and made everyone, not only feel at home, but feel like we were in the 50's!!!

They were surrounded by people who make them happy...family, friends...both old and new...and everyone got into the spirit!! Her dress was very appropriate...tea length, dotted, just "poofy" enough...but she wasn't the only one with the "50's flavor" in their outfit!! Lots and lots of "polka dots" and red lipstick!! Add that to the music playing in the backround...and the totally perfect decor....and it was a party to remember!! Just the way it should be!!

Was there an isle to walk down? No. The wedding march...a flower girl...rice...bouquets...a bridal party? No to all of the above!! There wasn't even a cake....it was all PIE (I mean....come on...a 50's diner!!!!) But there were two very happy people....doing it their way....and a celebration that we will still be talking about when they celebrate year number 10!!

Last year....when our youngest daughter got married....I told you all about that unique wedding celebration and strongly suggested, if there was a wedding in your future, to do it YOUR way! After last night....I am going to say it again...I hope that every "bride and groom-to-be" has as much fun as our daughter and son-in-law did....and all of the special memories, too!! What a great way to start their life together!!

"Won't you wear my ring around your neck? To tell the world I'm yours, by heck...let them know I love you so...and let them know by the ring around your neck" (....well...okay....finger!!)

Congratulations Heather and Dave!!!

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