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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye Holidays....

Good Afternoon....and Happy New Year!!

I guess it is official...the Holidays have come to an end!

As much as I LOVE Christmas...I am ready for things to get back to normal. Well...as normal as they can get!

We have been closed, the last two days, and have taken advantage of it. New Year's does not require the same amount of work as Christmas does...so we have relaxed, did a few little chores that we didn't have time for (like hanging the Christmas gift pictures of our Grandson in their place of honor!!) I even did a little baking....can't seem to help myself!! I, also, have been thinking....the wheels have been turning...some new menu items are in the works and I have been plotting how to set things up in the gift shops!! I find that my mind starts to go into overdrive as soon as the hustle and bustle of December is behind us!!

One new thing that I have, already, put into place....the "cake list" is now available on my blog!! Just look in the upper right corner of the page. There are "pages" titled "For your information"...it's there!!! Hopefully that will make things easier!!

Stay tuned for updates on new happenings....my one and only resolution is to try to keep this blog updated!! We will see...sometimes there just isn't enough time!!

Thank you....all of our amazing, loyal, wonderful customers and friends....for a great 2014!! Here's to an even greater 2015...hopefully with blog posts!! Hahaha..... Happy New Year!!!!