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Monday, February 23, 2015

Come On Spring!!!!

25 Days....Spring arrives, officially, in just 25 Days.

We all know that doesn't automatically mean warmth and sunshine, the disappearance of all of this cursed frozen stuff and the magical appearance of green grass and flowers....but it DOES give us something to look forward to...a light at the end of the tunnel!!

There are a few things that puzzle me about the coming of Spring...

Somewhere around the middle of October...definitely before Halloween..."Christmas" starts to show up in our lives. Television commercials, decorations, movies and specials, cards and gift wrap...and the population goes berserk!! It's too early...why do we have to "rush" it...why can't we just enjoy the moment...etc. etc. etc.

BUT....somewhere around the middle of February...if we even make it THAT long...."Spring" starts to creep into our lives...and I don't know one, single person who isn't over the moon to see it happen!!!!

Hmmm....Is there a reasonable explanation for this?? It can't be because Christmas brings a "to-do" list along with it...because so does Spring!! I can't wait (she says sarcastically...) to see all of the damage that will need to be fixed thanks to old man Winter!!! So what is it about the coming of Spring that is met with nothing but applause and enthusiasm??

I decided I had had enough Winter a few weeks ago...and promptly starting turning the gift shops over to Spring and Easter decor...it has been met with much...SHOPPING...clearly I was not the only one who has had enough!! There is more wonderful merchandise on the way...including the Easter candy (by far one of my favorite shipments of the year!!) so if the beautiful taste of Spring weather that we enjoyed, yesterday, has the Spring fever running high...be sure to come in and visit us...soon!!

And...if you have a reasonable explanation...I'd love to hear it!! As for me...I get just as excited when the first commercials for the Christmas specials start to show up as I did when I saw that first robin in my crab apple tree, this morning!!! On second thought...I think the robin was much more exciting than the Grinch...Come on Spring!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

A little garden magic....

So...there is a new trend in gardening! Have you jumped on this yet? Fairy Gardening is all the rage!

I am thrilled to see it "come into fashion"...because I have had a fairy garden for about 23 years!

For me...it all started with the herb garden. Our home was built in the 1800's and when it came time to do a little landscaping (everyone who knows me (and knows what our gardens look like) will understand how funny the term "a little landscaping" is!!)I wanted whatever we planted to "belong".

Once I started to research herbs...I was hooked. Not only because of the understated beauty of herb plants...and, of course, the usefulness...(fresh basil in that tomato sauce!)but all of the "meanings" of the plants. You have heard "rosemary for remembrance" but many other herbs have meanings as well. Sage...wisdom~~~Thyme...courage~~~Basil...wealth~~~Dill...protection....even Roses...love, of course!!

We planned out the herb garden in a formal pattern...four "L" shaped beds around a center rectangle. But, just because the layout is formal, doesn't mean the garden is...there is nothing stuffy about this herb garden! In fact...it is full of magic!

The first time I unveiled all of the magic was at our youngest daughter's fifth birthday party. We had a "garden party" theme. Each of her friends decorated their own garden hat and we had garden inspired party foods...and then I took them all on a tour of the garden. I showed them where the fairies lived...where they had touched the foxglove (you can see their fingerprints on the flowers..) which petals they used for clothes and where the gnomes lived. I let them touch, and smell, the mint, basil, dill...and the lamb's ear! I must say....they were a captive audience!

With each addition to the landscaping there has been additional magical touches. We don't put any of them out in the open...you have to search. There are fairy houses, doors, mushrooms....even the magical creatures themselves! Many of the original touches we made ourselves. But now....because of this "new" trend....EVERYTHING is available for you to have all of this magic in your garden, too!

And....I have ordered ALL of it for the "magical" shops at Sweet Memories!! Benches, chairs, tables, stepping stones, birdhouses, birdbaths, gates, scooters....the list goes on and on!! It's really easy to get started...just find a spot and create a beautiful place for the fairies to live! Then...sit back and wait for the magic! Is this a great project for the kids? Absolutely!! But...trust me....YOU need a little magic, too!!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Looking for Spring.....

I don't know about you but I am really, really tired of Winter weather!! I think we need to talk about something else...anything else!!

There are lots of things that make me happy, but my garden...and gardening in general...tops the list!! Usually about the time that Mother Nature has decided to take a break...and turns everything gold and red and orange and the chill is in the air...I am ready for a break, too!

But...to everything there is a season...and, usually around the end of February...thoughts of my garden consume all of my "free time". This year I think the time has come...a little ahead of schedule!!

I feel that some of the "Winter-weariness" is still leftover from last year!! I was really hoping that this winter would be better...but alas!!

When you own a small business...and depend on customers coming in to visit...the weather (unfortunately) is, constantly, on your mind!! And thinking about it, worrying about it...and cleaning up after it...is exhausting!!

Add to that the fact that the stupid groundhog somehow managed to see his shadow (which...considering just how utterly miserable it is here in Pennsylvania today....I find a little suspicious!!!) so we will be "enjoying" 6 more weeks of this...I think it's time to think Spring!!!!!

I found...and ordered...a whole bunch of new, ADORABLE, decorations for fairy gardens (which is one of my many, many passions!!!) and they have been "out" (and selling briskly) for a couple of weeks...but I think it's time to pull out the "big guns"!! So...just to let you know...the Spring merchandise is on it's way to the gift shops at Sweet Memories!! I am going to get my Spring fix one way or the other!!!

Also...just to let you know...my next blog will be about  fairy gardens! There have been a few of you who are, sadly, misguided...and seem to believe that fairy gardening is for children!! While I wholeheartedly encourage planting these wonderful, magical gardens WITH kids...they are by no means "for children"!! Like I said...it is a passion!!

So...bottom line...if you are looking for Spring...(and think the groundhog is, in fact, JUST a rodent!!!) make sure you stop in and visit Sweet Memories soon...and keep an eye on this blog, too!!! I have all kinds of inspiration brewing!!