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Saturday, March 7, 2015

A new garden...like it or not!!

So....I packed up all of my snowmen. I love my snowman collection...it gives me something to look forward to when I know I have to say "goodbye" to all of the beautiful Christmas decorations (and memories!!) I can't wait to get all of my snowflakes and icicles...sleds and iceskates....mittens and snowmen unpacked!!

And then....we have ANOTHER one of these Winters!!! Just because I love to have my snowflakes and icicles hanging in the house doesn't mean I want them outside!!

Aside from the unbearable cold...this Winter has been very, very challenging!! When you own a small business...and count on seeing all of your wonderful customers...brutal weather conditions (which keep everyone from venturing out of their houses...) really hurt. Add to that the poor (really, really poor...) road and parking conditions...and it becomes a real problem. I know a few businesses that didn't survive last Winter...which is heartbreaking!

But there have been many other challenges, as well!! We had a small (but quite expensive!!!) frozen pipe issue. The first time in 20 years THAT ever happened!! I just got my whopping heating bill. And...though completely unrelated to the weather conditions...we had that car "visit" our front porch. I am sure you saw the picture in the paper...if you missed it...my daughter took some great shots on her phone...she will be happy to show you!! I took my time commenting on this particular challenge because...well...I was trying to come to terms with the whole thing...still not sure I have achieved that!!

The reason I brought it up, now???...it's time to take the bull by the horns. It's time to come out of hibernation. Clean the house...decorate for Spring and Easter!! Go out to lunch with the friends you haven't seen since Christmas (and, of course, you know where to meet them...and SHOP for Spring and Easter decorations, too!!) and it's time to start planning your garden.

There are so many things, in life, that we just have no control over....so I choose to focus on the things that I CAN control. I spent a couple days worrying about what damage was done to my gardens (the porch will be taken care of...we have a great contractor...) when the car came "visiting"...I am pretty sure there is quite a bit but, with the snow and frozen ground, it's hard to tell. I ALWAYS need to have a plan...especially when there is a problem...and this situation was totally out of my control!! I know we have to replace the fence, the arbor, a few planters, some furniture...those were the things (or remnants of the things...) I could see! But...the plants, themselves?? So...last week, while I was decorating our house, with a Springtime song in my heart..(actually...it's a lot of work...there were no songs!!) I made a decision. I am not going to worry about what didn't survive the "visit"....instead...I am going to completely redesign and rework the front garden and embrace the changes!! If my clematis, rose bush, thyme, lavender, hydrangea etc....survive...I will find a place for them in my new design!!

One of our customers said that I need to have projects all the time..which is true...but, I prefer to have them on my terms. Now...this "thing" that we had absolutely nothing to do with...IS on my terms...and I am excited to get this project started!! 

The snowmen are packed, the Spring and Easter is out, the sun is shining and the promise of warmER temperatures is in the forecast....and I have a project...let's get this party started!!!

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