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Monday, March 16, 2015

Your style...your story!!

Spring arrives this week. Of course...here in our neck of the woods...that usually doesn't guarantee immediate results. I don't expect to wake up on Saturday (the first full day of Spring) and see green grass, budding trees and flowers! That's okay, though, because...at this point...we will take what we can get!!

Our whole house is all decked out and ready to go...at least on the inside...and it makes me really, really happy!! There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and seeing all of the decorations...for whatever the season may be!!

When you look around our house you are looking at a whole lifetime of "gatherings". Big pieces, little pieces. Things that belonged to someone I loved....things that I have found along the way. Old, new...it doesn't really matter! What matters is whether or not it "spoke" to me.

I know that everyone tries to put a label on different decorating styles...urban chic and farmhouse are two of the newest...and that's fine. But, in my opinion, the only "style" in your house should be YOUR style! It shouldn't matter what the magazines are saying...it should only matter what your heart is telling you! If you love it...it will "match" what you already have. You will find a place for it...and not care in the slightest that you may have to "dust" it! If you are really lucky...your "gatherings" will tell a story...and will make you smile!!

I apply this philosophy to my home...but I, also, apply it to the shop. When I buy merchandise to sell in our gift shops...it has to speak to me. I don't care about the latest trends...or what is "in"...just whether or not it makes me smile. I have to believe that if it makes ME smile...it will make YOU smile, too. Hopefully, when you come shopping at Sweet Memories, you leave with new pieces of your story..."gatherings"...that help you make your house...your home!!

And...on that note...I am going to go do a little work at my "second home" and do some rearranging, change up a few displays and make room for all of the new merchandise that is on it's way!! Hopefully you can come "gathering" soon...there is nothing that makes me happier than watching fellow storytellers finding new things to take home...and knowing that we are a part of your story!!

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