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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Change is good!!!

I think an apology is in order....the entire month of April slipped by without one single blog entry. Part of this is due to technical  difficulties....part of it was due to distraction.

I have been spending all of my "free" time brainstorming and problem solving. It's not that I didn't have anything to write about....it's just that I don't think I should fill this space with my "problems"!!

We are fast approaching our 20th anniversary mark. For all of you who have been with us from the beginning....and there are many (actually....you all should have some kind of name....like a "club"...any thoughts???) ...you know how many changes have taken place in those 20 years!! Looking back (because it's ALWAYS a clearer picture that way!!) I would say that every, single, change has been for the better....some even better than others!!!

For a lot of people...change is uncomfortable. I, however, think change is good. I change my wall colors, my furniture arrangements, my Holiday collectible placement....I even change recipes (frequently....) we change the menu (all of them) every week...but keep the "favorites" on to keep our customers happy!! I change the selections in the bakery case, the gourmet foods and candy selection and the merchandise in the gift shops. All good.

We are currently in the process of changing the front garden...yes, it is because someone decided to drive through it and took out half of the existing garden...but, never the less, it will be wonderful when we are done with it..."Better"!!! (just a little teaser...look for something similar to the arbor pictured here!)

Better....that's what we strive for...especially when you own a small business. Twenty years is a long time. I think we have established ourselves...proven ourselves. We passed the "newbie" mark a long, long time ago...we have figured out who we are. After this long...the only "competition" I feel I have...is myself! I want to be the best "me" that I can be...and I want the business that I dreamed up....way more than 20 years ago...to be the best that it can be!!

It would be really easy...and, after this long, maybe we should take the "easy" road...to keep things just the way they are. It would be even easier to look at what everyone else is doing...and do it, too! But...that's the road that others can (and do...) take!! It's not for me. We have always...(and will continue to do so)...marched to our own drum. I prefer tradition to trends.

So...you are probably wondering what all of this means! Well....I have big plans for the gift shops. Some of the changes have, already, started....many others are on the way! It was the primary focus of my distraction. I needed to revitalize them...and me. I can't choose, buy, display and sell merchandise that I am not excited about. So....I decided to make some changes...and choose, buy, display and sell merchandise that I am excited about!! You should come in and check out the steps we have taken...and then come often to see what's new!! It's going to be awesome! I have, also, been adding all kinds of "newness" to the restaurant and bakery end of things. Lots of new menu ideas...fun and interesting stuff!

The bottom line...they say "if it ain't broke...don't fix it" but there is absolutely no reason in the world why you can't give it a makeover!! Check back...I will be telling you all about some of the "makeovers"....soon!! I promise!!

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