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Monday, June 29, 2015

In the good old Summertime....

Summer has been here, officially, for a little over a week. What are your plans? What are you going to accomplish? Any big projects in your future?

Do you remember what Summer was like, when you were a kid? Long days with no responsibilities (at least not school related...) the possibilities were endless!!

Summer has always been a time for big projects, for me. I know it's when most people relax...take vacations. But, for me, the endless possibilities were always so enticing.

The Summer when I was about 14...my MomMom decided to "recruit" me to help in the garden. She stirred my interest by telling me we were going to make it look like the ones from Williamsburg. I was very interested, even then, in "Colonial" living...so that was her "hook'. I must say...I was NOT the dedicated gardener that I am now...and she had to work pretty hard to get me out of the pool to help maintain that garden...but it was, definitely, the beginning of my love for gardening!! It was in the Summer when I taught myself to cook and bake, too. I made desserts, dinners, bread, jams and jelly, pickles...even my own ketchup!! One Summer I decided I wanted to make a quilt...and one Summer I crocheted an afghan!!

While those days of "no responsibilities" are long...long...gone, Summer still holds all kinds of possibilities! Every year I try to make my gardens even better than the year before. We, always, have a project (or twenty..) that we want to accomplish! Some of them are maintenance...replacing, rebuilding, painting etc....but we, usually, have a fun one up our sleeve, too. The treehouse for our Grandson, last Summer, the new addition to our poolhouse (aka my "she shed") this Summer.

Don't get me wrong...the fun and relaxation has it's time, too. After all...I don't want to do all of this work and NOT take time to enjoy my labors. But...the real "fun" of Summer, for me, is creating the space that I get to relax and have fun in.

While the calender says it will be Summer for quite a while...I am, already, looking to the next season. It is part of the job when you are in retail!! I am, already, laying out the displays (in my mind and in my "notebook"!!) for Fall and Halloween. And still placing orders for Fall AND Christmas merchandise!!

July is going to be a busy month! First of all....we, here at Sweet Memories, will mark our 20th year in business!! TWENTY!! Crazy...right?? To all of you who have been with us from the beginning...thank you!! And for all of you who are just finding us...where have you been?? Just kidding!! We will have all kinds of sales going on...I will call them "Christmas in July" simply because I think everyone likes that...but, really, it's more customer appreciation!! That...and inventory reduction...I want to make room for more, great, amazing, wonderful merchandise!! Also...just a reminder...we will be closed Saturday July 4th and Sunday July 5th! And...we are participating in the "Where's Waldo" scavenger hunt again this year!! (If you would like some more information...let me know!!)

Yes...those days of no responsibilities are long gone...but the possibilities are, still, endless!! I hope you all have a wonderful Summer...and be sure to stop in and see us!

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