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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fall is right around the corner....and I have been away too long!!!

Oh....Fall is right around the corner!!

Basically, what that means is it has been a very long time since I have written my blog!

I am going to apologize....but we had such a nice Summer....and I was enjoying it...so my apology may not come across as totally sincere!!

It wasn't the kind of summer that is spent indoors because of the heat and humidity...it was a sit outside, enjoy the time working in the garden, swim, have a picnic, have a party or two and find yourself sorry to see it go kind of summer! But....go it must...and I am afraid it will be any time now!

I feel like I need to "catch you up"....since it has been so long!!

We had a bumper crop of peaches, this summer. I made an awful lot of goodies for the bakery case with those peaches....and even had enough, left over,  to make two batches of jam!! But now....the bumper crop of apples is getting ready to be harvested. My head is spinning with ideas for more goodies in the bakery case! And, of course, it's pumpkin time!!

Parts of the garden are starting to look tired....but that's okay...because I am getting tired, too!! I
replaced a few worn out flowers in some of my big pots...we were getting ready for my daughter's baby shower! We had it outside...and it was beautiful! In just a few weeks our second grandchild will be here!! We have a wedding coming up, too....lots going on in this family!!

Last week we packed up all of our summer decorations....and cleaned....and now I am anticipating unpacking all of my Halloween decorations. Without a doubt one of my favorite things to do!! Once that gets done...it is officially time to start celebrating Fall!!

Once again....Sweet Memories is THE place to be when it comes to celebrating the season....ANY season!! Our shops are full of unique and special Fall and Halloween decorations....no one else does the holidays (all of them!) like we do!! We have been super busy and so many treasures have, already, found new homes!! I have been searching for all kinds of new merchandise....and the wonderful merchandise that I ordered months and months ago is on it's way!! I WILL keep you all posted!

With less time spent outside...I will do everything in my power to get back into the routine of
blogging! With all of the excitement of Fall upon us....and Christmas not too far away....I am sure I will have lots to tell you....so stayed tuned!!