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Monday, October 19, 2015

Creating Magic.....

Good Morning....and it IS a good morning.
The sun is shining and the Fall colors are really starting to "pop"....but it's also COLD!!

At this point, as far as the weather goes, I think we have all come to expect the unexpected. But a big change in the weather....however short lived....really is quite a reality check! Summer is in the rear view mirror and the Holidays are right around the corner! Time marches on...sometimes at the speed of light....and we all need to take at least some time to enjoy it all!

Are you?

For us....enjoying life is about hearth and home and family. We create a haven in the Summer....a place where you want to sit and enjoy all that Summer has to offer. In the Fall....we decorate every nook and cranny of our home...inside and out...with an amazing collection of whimsical, wonderful vintage inspired Fall and Halloween decorations that we have been collecting for years!! When Christmas comes we strive to make our home just as magical as the Holiday itself. Our Christmas decoration collections are some of our favorites....beautiful things that bring back special memories....and that's what Christmas is all about!

Is it all a lot of "work"....of course it is! But we love it....we love "the work" as much as the results. We love coming home, each and every evening, and sitting in the wonderland that we have created! Our family, in addition to working together every day, gets together with some frequency. No matter how many times our kids have seen the decor, for all of the seasons and Holidays, they still love to see it all make it's appearance. And now....there is a whole new generation to enjoy all of our "hard work"! There is nothing better than watching a little one stare at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree!! You can actually SEE the magic....practically touch it!

At Sweet Memories....we work really, really hard to fill our shops with that very same magic! When I look for, find and purchase the merchandise we carry...I look for special, unique and wonderful pieces that I would (and often do...) add to my own wonderland! When you decide to spend some of your time perusing our shops....we want you to feel inspired, excited and happy. We want you find those special pieces that will help you create your own special "Sweet Memories".

I know there are some who are trying to "downsize"....who don't want to decorate because it's too much work. I am going to be honest....I don't understand. I hear an occasional customer talking about "getting rid of stuff" and not wanting anymore to dust. I am afraid I don't identify with that. Yes.....when you plant a garden you have to take care of it.....and it's work! But just think of all you miss when you don't do it!

As we bundle up, today, and find ourselves starting to think about the wonderful fun and special memory making opportunities that are right around the corner....I just want to remind you that the shops at Sweet Memories are the place to be! We still have terrific Fall and Halloween decor....but the Christmas magic is starting to make an appearance, too!! We would love to play a part in all of your special occasions....and if you love to make those memories as much as I do....there really is no need to shop any where else!!