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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas Memories!!

Merry Day After Christmas!!

I hope it was wonderful!! Full of family, fun and very Sweet Memories!!

Today is the first day in weeks that I am sitting....sitting with nothing to do! The decorating got done, all of the gifts purchased and wrapped...and given! All of the cooking and baking from the last two days (and all of the days before that!!) is over...and the leftovers are in the refrigerator!

We plan...and work....to make the Holidays special...for weeks. And then, in the blink of an eye, it's all over! All over...except for the memories!!

We have two Christmas trees....well, two full sized Christmas trees!! There are a few smaller ones sprinkled around, too!! One of them is an artificial tree and it is covered (and I mean covered!!) with my blown glass ornament collection. The other tree....the "main tree" is very real....and equally covered....but this one is covered in family memories! There are ornaments that all of the kids made in school, all of their "first Christmas" balls, the "cowboy boots" ornament from the year the girls went line dancing, the chef Santa from the year our oldest daughter started culinary school, the VW bug ornament (the year before our youngest was old enough to get her drivers license!!) there is the one with our first grandsons picture in it....and the new one he hung up, last night!! There is the new one....that one of our wonderful friends....made for our brand new grandson, too! Lots and lots of special ornaments that my MomMom gave me, every year....and all of the ones that my husband and I have made over the years!

As I sit here....sit...for the first time in weeks....I realize how lucky we are.

Lucky to have had such a wonderful Christmas....lucky to have such wonderful customers and friends.....lucky to be doing what we love....and lucky to have all of the special memories of Christmases past...long past and recently past!

I hope your Christmas was all you hoped it would be....but, more importantly, I hope it was filled with Sweet Memories!!

Merry, Merry Day After Christmas....and Happy almost New Year!! May your "2016" be Spectacular!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas is coming....

I love the Holidays....all Holidays.

It does put me in an odd position, though. Why?? Well....because I am a "retailer".

When you become a retailer your job is to find, and purchase, merchandise that you think will sell. And then...sell it. For some "big box" retailers that means saturating your every waking moment with the merchandise that makes them lots of money. Television commercials, magazine and newspaper ads....buy here!!! Spend your money with us!

Now....all of us.....small businesses.....can't do that. We can't saturate your every waking moment with...well...anything!! And, as far as I am concerned, that's a good thing! That would be the odd position of which I speak!

We are not like most retailers.

When I pick out and purchase merchandise for our gift shop I don't give any thought to whether or not it will sell....I only think about whether or not I would want it in my own home or would give it, happily, as a gift. That ensures that, when it's time to set everything up and design the displays, we are excited to decorate....just as excited as I am when I decorate my own home. I think it shows. When you love what you're doing...and the merchandise you are displaying....there is extra sparkle and the magic is evident.

My greatest hope is that you will come and see what we have to offer....and love it all as much as we do! Even better.....come often!!! Come when you need a gift (or two or three....) come when you need a break, come when you are looking for the magic....because, as much as we need you to buy from us so that we can be here next year to do it all again, what we really need is to share the love, and excitement, of the Holidays!! Something you just can't do with commercials and ads!

Merry Christmas....and very, very Sweet Memories!!!