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Monday, January 11, 2016

Be the Change.....

One whole week of 2016 is in the books....how is it going for you?

I know, traditionally, the start of a new year means resolutions. Resolutions to change everything. The way you eat, the way you spend your time....the way you live.

Personally....I don't make resolutions. I try....everyday....to do my best. I try to have a positive attitude, treat people the way I want to be treated, try to find the good in everyone (THAT one can be challenging!!) try to work hard, try to give back whenever I can....I put my family first....and choose to be happy.

There is no doubt about it....the "world" is not always the way we want it....there is room for improvement....LOTS of improvement.

The Internet is an amazing thing....we know everything in "real time". We can avoid accidents, check the radar, find a recipe, check "sales" at stores, check our bank balance, wish someone a "happy birthday" post a picture...seconds after we take it...but, with all of this amazing technology at our fingertips, so many of us "miss" the old days!

We talk about how....it was NEVER like this when we were kids! A coincidence? Is all of this technology, at least partially, to blame?? Or maybe, just maybe, we should take some responsibility ourselves?

I think there is a little distance (or maybe a LOT of distance...) when you communicate with some taps on a screen....and, I think, that has made people a little...well...rude! After all....you can say anything you want and there is no backlash.

I am an opinionated person. I raised my children to have opinions...and to have self esteem....and to stick up for their beliefs. But I did not raise them to inflict their opinions and beliefs on other people just because they can. Unfortunately....I think the distance that those taps on the screen has created has made it, not only okay, but "normal" and acceptable to just say whatever pops into your head!!

It's not. And perhaps it's one reason why it was never like this when we were kids!

I don't know if you spend any time on Facebook pages or websites of people or businesses you enjoy, or if you ever read comments....but it is, actually, shocking. The rude...beyond rude....things that people say!! Reviews are the worst. Sad, unhappy, nasty people who act like they have some right to bash people simply because they can. After all....you will never meet them face to face...so there are no repercussions!

Again...one of the reasons things aren't like they used to be?

Here we are...at the beginning of a new year....a new start. You can put all of your energy into not eating candy....or we can put all of our energy into starting a movement. Go find all of those businesses and people that you like, love or enjoy and let them know how appreciated they are!! Review the small business...the one that makes you happy. Let them know that the hours and hours that they put in, every week, is not a waste of their time! Find a few old friends on Facebook...and reconnect! Find something NICE to say about posts and pictures....compliment!! If you don't have something NICE to say....don't say anything! Be part of the solution....not part of the problem!!

We, the family that owns Sweet Memories, consider all of YOU to be part of our family, too. We lost a family member last Friday. A lady that we loved to see...a lady that was funny and sweet...a lady that was way too young! Life is too short. There just are no words...all of our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


  1. What wise words! Thank you so much for sharing these sentiments! There is already so much going on in the world, why waste energy being negative? It is a choice that we all have and I CHOOSE to be positive!

  2. Just think how much better everything would be if ALL of us did that! Life is just too short to waste any of it. I guess we should feel sorry for the people who have nothing nice to say....but, like you said, it IS a choice. I think once you CHOOSE to be happy and positive...everything gets better!