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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I can't believe Easter is behind us. Part of the reason may be because it came so early....while the weather seems to be cooperating and it feels like Spring....I'm not sure my "inner clock" was ready!

The whole Holiday turned out to be somewhat of a challenge, this year!

About a week or so before Easter our refrigerator (at home) started making a strange "buzzing" sound. It was short lived (at first) but...something we kept an eye (or ear) on...at least to the best of our ability since we aren't really home much!! I put a thermometer inside and kept a watchful eye....but, pretty quickly, it became obvious that someone needed to take a look at it!

That, however, turned out to be quite the challenge! We called many, many different places and no one seemed to have the time to come out and take a look!! After the first couple of phone calls....my husband started to describe the noise it was making and ask for "professional opinions" as to the likelihood of it's survival. The thinking here being that, perhaps, we would just be better off, not only getting a new one, but that getting a new one would be FASTER than getting someone to come out and look at our old one!!

As it turns out....that was not the case!

Our refrigerator was in ICU....but the decision to end it's life came after a very, very long Saturday (Easter pick up day at the shop!!!) when I said....just pull the plug!!!! Now....I, characteristically, always look on the bright side. It is a really, really good thing that we own a restaurant and not a furniture store!! All of our food could go in the refrigerator at the shop!! However.....preparing a Holiday meal without a refrigerator.....was a challenge!!!!!!!!!

The good news...the new one (which could NOT be delivered any faster than having a repairman come out and look at the old one!!) is in it's new home! And....we survived!

I have never been one to back down from a challenge. In fact....I have been known to be a little obsessed by them. I NEED to find solutions....I am a "fixer"!! (Are there support groups for this?)

I must say, though, that I would prefer not to be THAT challenged when I am, already, dealing with the challenges that come with every Holiday!! As is the norm....I had to make "a call" and decide when we were "booked" for Easter bakery orders. It....like Easter itself....came early, this year!! We had orders starting to come in right after Christmas!! I keep a close eye on the growing stack....and tally, and count, and make list after list....but, eventually, I always get to the point where I feel like I just can't take another order!! If you were one of the customers I had to turn away....I am sorry!! But....almost 22 years of doing this has taught me to go with my gut and know my limitations!! And....as much as I would like to imagine that I don't HAVE any.....I know that I do!!

Could we expand....put in more ovens....hire more help....make more and more and more? Probably. But that is just NOT what I want....not why I started this business!! I make it all.....from scratch....just like I do for my own family. And....that's the way I want it to stay!! I hope you understand!

I, also, hope you had a wonderful Easter.....and that the ONLY challenge YOU had was remembering where you hid the eggs!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A little....white!!

I love color.

I know the current trend is white. White, off white, beige, taupe, linen.....white.

There is something very calming about those rooms of white...and shades of white....it's kind of like when a fresh snowfall covers the drab landscape.

I appreciate this trend. I love to look at the pictures of those rooms. However....I couldn't live in those rooms!

Our home is full of color. Red, green and black (yes black!) are, pretty much, my go-to colors. While the white pallet is calming and serene....the rich, saturated colors that I prefer are warm and comforting...like a hug!!

Now....having said that....we are in the process of repainting our entire upstairs. I have found myself leaning towards off white, taupe and beige! Well....not exactly! I love burlap. I love the color and texture. The first wall color I decided on was a variation of burlap. We painted all of the trim a warm, clean white....yup....white!! It is beautiful!! We painted the next room a really pretty "grayish" burlap and, yesterday, we finished the bathroom!! Another...slightly lighter...shade of burlap. Each of the rooms are different....have their own personality....but flow together seamlessly!

Now....In my defense....all of these color choices have proven to be a wonderful backdrop for my collections....my collections that are FULL of color!! Those rich, saturated, time worn colors that I love!

Even my collecting habits go against the trends....I have stuff...lots and lots of stuff!! I will never live in a space without my collections!! Finding new treasures...and displaying them...is one of my greatest joys! It makes me happy!!

So....the point of this story? Well....don't follow trends.....make your house YOUR home. Surround yourself with what you love....and with whatever makes you happy! And....most importantly....paint something white....you're going to love it!!