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Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's start at the beginning.......

I thought it would be a good idea to start this story at the beginning....well....MY beginning anyway!

Everyone has someone in their lives that influences them more than anyone else. That person, for me, was my Grandmother. "MomMom" to me...that's her on the left! If you are among our most faithful....and have been coming in to Sweet Memories for any length of time....you will remember her sitting and adding her art work to the bags!!

Just about everything I do...and every interest I have...is because of my MomMom. But more about that in another post.

My Grandparents (that's my PopPop on the right....and they are in front of a train. He LOVED trains!! Even though they never met...I am pretty sure that is where my oldest Grandson got HIS love of trains!!! I think we "pass along" much, much more than our facial features!!!) anyway....my Grandparents "flipped" houses long before anyone knew what that meant! They would go to estate
sales...auctions where the house contents and then, ultimately, the house itself were sold. I found
myself at many of these sales. I was too young to really understand what was happening....but I
would be on a blanket, under a tree with something to occupy myself (coloring books....not electronic devices...no one knew about those either!!) until all of the "box lots", household goods, tools and furniture were sold to the highest bidder. Because of all of that time under the tree I am pretty good at understanding auctioneers. And...yes....one time I "accidentally" (had my hand in the air at the wrong time!!) bought something!!

Once that was all done...they would sell the property. More often than not....my Grandfather would buy it. Now....these "flips" were not like the ones you watch on HGTV!! There was no "gutting", no "demo", no wall removal!! He would inspect the properties beforehand...and only bought them if it just needed a little TLC. They would go in and paint (still the BEST way to change any house!) work on the outside....pull weeds, prune, plant flowers. Do some minor repairs...fix broken windows, oil hinges etc. Periodically call in a plumber or electrician....but nothing major. Then....they would sell the house and buy another! Now and again...he would buy rental properties, too.

Now....the result of all of this?? Houses were "business". There wasn't any sentimental attachment to the places that they "flipped"....or the houses that they lived in, either!! I remember 5 different houses just in MY history....and stories of even more than that! I know that my Grandfather considered the properties....and, often, the contents....to be potential profits to be re-invested elsewhere. But I have a sneaky suspicion that my Grandmother didn't always see it that way!

I know that at least two of the five houses held a special place in her heart. I also know that at least some of the "contents" did, too. I know that because....I have most of it!! I have things that she collected, I have things that were family mementos, I have things that were given to her and things that she made, I have books and pictures.....and pictures, and pictures!!

I feel really honored that she gave all of these important things to me and I am taking this responsibility seriously. I have always taken really good care of all of it....but now, with all of the transformations we are doing in our home, I am incorporating it and finding it all a "home"!!

I think she would be very happy!!

There is a lot more to this story.... I'll be back soon!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Slowly....slowly....getting there!!


We are....slowly....getting things accomplished. The key word here is slowly!!

We are getting a new shed. The shed is my husband's domain. Just like the inside of the house is mine!! It is where he makes...well....magic!!

I come up with all kinds of ideas....and he builds them...makes them happen!!

But....he needed a new, better, bigger, happier place to work! So....we are getting a new shed. However....there have been problems! It came on a huge truck...and went right into place without a hitch....until he saw the roof trusses. They were the wrong shape!! Luckily...after a few "unhappy" conversations....the shed company said they would "fix" it. Unfortunately....it is not an easy...or quick...fix!!

Now...all of that is stressful enough. But, during the "transformation", all of the contents of the old shed have been scattered all over the place!! We have all kinds of things under huge very, very blue tarps, in our basement, the basement at the shop....our daughter's shed...and my "she shed" pool house. Needless to say...It is hindering everything. But today is the day! They are coming to build the roof...the right roof...and THEN we will be able to get things back to normal!!

I am super excited about that for all of the obvious reasons....but also because then we can start to tick off the many, many projects on our to-do list!! I am planning on showing you all of those projects....including all of the ones I have been working on inside the house! I, also, want to share some stories with you...the memories that I have been working so hard to incorporate in my decor.

I don't think we are the next Chip and Joanna....but I am proud of our home! All of the stories and pictures will give some insight into our shop, too! Why we do what we do...the way we do it!

Hopefully you will come back for story time!!!

I am going to go outside and take a "before" picture of the shed....(as my Grandson said...."it's beautiful...well except for the roof"!!! Hahaha).....then I will show all the stages of "after" that we are planning! After all...we have to customize it....make it more "us"!!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Finding a place for memories....

Hello....and Happy May!

Under normal circumstances all I can think about, this time of year, is my gardens....but normal circumstances do not apply, this year!!

While I AM thinking about my gardens....I am, also, obsessed with a multitude of projects IN the house!

It's an odd combination of needing to be organized, finding purpose for the various spaces in the house, wanting every nook and cranny to be pretty....and taking care of the past!

I know, for a lot of parents, the whole "empty nest" thing can be traumatic. But....all of my kids are settled and happy....and that's all that really matters. They can't live with you forever....they need to find their own "nests"...and that's a good thing!

However....sometimes they leave quite a few belongings behind....after all....Mom and Dad have a big attic....so there is a "sorting" process that takes a little time. And...when you own a small business and don't HAVE that much time...it takes even longer!

From the very first time we set foot in our home....in spite of all that it DIDN'T have going for it....I knew what I wanted it to be. I knew what it COULD be! I have, always, concentrated on the first floor when it came to decorating....the "public" floor. The upstairs was full of toys and books....clothes and shoes....jewelry and collections....music and electronic equipment! The kids had their spaces...even if it was short term. But, eventually, their "lease" was up....and those spaces became mine...(well....except for the room devoted to my grandson's toys and trains!)

I have started from scratch....with the paint colors....exactly where I started with the downstairs! Bit by bit....and we still have painting to do....we are finding the "groove"...color pallets that are making me happy! And....bit by bit....I am finding that decorating upstairs (even if no one EVER sees anything I do!!!) is just as exciting as decorating downstairs!

When I decorate...I tell a story. I have pieces that I have collected over the years....as well as many, many pieces that I have been trusted to take care of....and I put them all together in little displays that make you want to really study each object. Many of my favorite decorations have history. Some of the history is someone else's story.....and some of it is mine! I have many, many treasured collections and pieces of the past....my past....that were entrusted to me.

Just about everything I hold near and dear was given to me by my MomMom. Antiques and family heirlooms as well as hobbies and interests. In the process of re-claiming the upstairs portion of our home....I am finding a permanent place for memories!

I am going to try to find a few minutes....in between painting and sewing and gardening....to show you some of my projects....and tell a few stories, too! After all of this hard work....I want someone to see the results!!

Stay tuned....