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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A little glimpse....

I am a little late this week....sorry! I was trying to decide which story to tell next!! Hahaha.......

It's, actually, not that easy!! I have many more stories to share about my grandmother and the influence she had on me. However....I, also, really wanted to share a little bit of the hard work I have been doing in our "home makeover"!! And, really, it's all connected anyway!!

One of the things that was in the back of my mind when we started all of these projects was finding a place....a really special place....for all of the heirlooms she trusted me with. Me being me....I can't just stick it all somewhere and hope it looks okay. I LOVE to collect things I love...and I love to decorate with them even more!! I make little "stories" with my displays. There is always a lot going on within the display, itself....but they are "contained"....they have "borders"....so my house never feels overwhelming. I know that one of the current trends is minimalist. But not in my house!!

Minimal "things" is equivalent to no personality, as far as I am concerned. One look around our home....and it is very easy to see my personality!! But.....one look just isn't enough!! You will miss some amazing stuff that way!!

There are some collections that are represented in every room. Children's antique gardening tools, for example. I find that they lend themselves to many different stories. They "belong" with my birdhouses....AND my Easter bunnies. Then there are other collections that are grouped together in one area....for example my nursery rhyme collection.....more on that in another blog!!

This picture is in our bedroom. The little teal chair...is LITTLE!! My grandmother had a "thing" for chairs and she gave me a couple small children's chairs. She called them "Sunday School" chairs. That was the beginning. I, now, have more than 10 scattered here and there all over the house!! They hold Santa, bunnies, pumpkins.....and, this particular chair, is holding some very important heirlooms! The picture, on the chair, is of my great-grandmother.....my MomMom's mother. She is holding one of her siblings. The little dish, in front of the picture, was my great great grandmothers!!

I know a lot of families have pieces that were handed down through the generations....but my great grandmother died, from the influenza epidemic, when my MomMom was only three. She....and all of her sisters...grew up in an orphanage. So...the fact that there is ANYTHING is a pretty big deal....and the fact that she gave these important things to me to take care of....well...you can see why I am taking it so seriously!!

There are some other things, mixed into this display, that meant a lot to her....see those little ceramic bunnies?? I painted them for her when I was 6. She took very good care of them....through all of their moves....and, eventually, gave them back to me!!

I decided these things would keep company with my child's hutch and my collection of antique children's bakeware. I love how this looks...and the story it tells!!

I know it's a lot of work to keep up with...and it all needs to be dusted....but I get to look at this, every morning, and smile....and think of her!! It's worth it!!

Like I said....I don't "get" the minimalist thing!!

More to come.....so stay tuned!!!!

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