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Monday, June 6, 2016

And the story continues....

Although they moved....a lot....every house, my Grandparents lived in, was home.

Actually, both of my Grandmothers had a real talent for making you feel comfortable, happy, well fed....and at home!! Lessons that would, later, help me establish our business!

There were two houses that had the most influence on me. One was in Ivyland, Bucks County....the other in Zionsville.

The house in Ivyland was a split level on a nice chunk of property. There was a barn...and a horse named "Snowball" that I fell off of...(my cousins fault...and no....I am not a big horse person!!) an in ground swimming pool (which they used...but, eventually filled in!!!?????) a fountain out front and a big screened in "3 season porch" with a barbecue (it shared the chimney with the living room fireplace on the other side of the wall!) and three walls of windows! Many, many, many family gatherings in that room!! I watched her make lemon meringue pie and stew rhubarb in the kitchen....and tried mackerel on toast (which I liked??!!) and pretzels in chocolate ice cream! I spent many a night in the George Washington bedroom (there were pictures, above the bed, of George and Martha) and lots of time in the house!

The house in Zionsville was a "weekend" home. I am not sure it started out that way....but MomMom loved that house!! There were more "improvements" done to that house than they usually did, when they planned to re-sell. A new furnace, a new bathroom, the steps were rebuilt and they built an upstairs porch. There were 18 acres that went along with that house....and a row of peach trees at the top of the hill. It had a small barn...an outhouse, a big bell on a post and the creek ran right along the front of the property. The whole front of the house was an enclosed porch...and this little piece of Pennsylvania Dutch "wisdom" was hanging to the right of the door....so you could see it as you left!!

That house was an even bigger influence on me...and the me that I would become....than the house in Ivyland. I learned to love birds, gardening, antiques, history, quilts....even cats....in Zionsville. (We, actually, lived in that house while our new house was being built.) I watched her make peach jam, bake Christmas cookies and learned that I really liked mustard on ham sandwiches and birch beer!

We had many, many family gatherings in that house, too....and I watched the preparations and work involved in entertaining large groups.....in, relatively, small spaces! Again....some training for the future!! Are you starting to see where Sweet Memories was born!!???

That little piece of Pennsylvania Dutch wisdom is hanging on our walk-in fireplace, in our kitchen.....and it's just the beginning of what I want to share with you! Just like this story is just beginning!!

"come again...if you're here sometime" and stay tuned for the next installment!!

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