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Monday, June 20, 2016

Little pieces of the past....

When my Grandparents bought the house in Zionsville I loved spending the weekends there. The creek babbled right outside the door....there were woods and fields....lots and lots to do! We had many family gatherings there...holidays and sledding parties!

But....when we moved down that dirt road in the middle of fields and woods, it was a different story!

The place we were moving from was a small neighborhood in a small town. While there were only a few houses, all of them had kids....and we were all pretty close in age. We did everything together. The small town was close enough (well....not by today's standards but....) that we could walk or ride our bikes. We lived along a really busy road so we had to go "get" the mail at a private school that was, relatively, nearby. I still remember the post office box number and our combination to open it!!

When we moved "up here" (Bucks County is still "down home"!!) it was a whole new ball game! There were neighbors...sort of! One family lived about a mile in one direction....and the rest of them (with kids) were...well...antisocial! All of a sudden I found myself in the position of having to entertain...me!!

One summer...with the help and encouragement of my MomMom...I decided to make a quilt. Yes....a quilt. I have never believed in limitations. Hahaha! Luckily, not only was she "on board" with helping me....so was our elderly but "totally capable of doing "mans work" neighbor", Mrs Snyder! She could work...physically....you know, mowing, stacking wood, riding the tractor...WORK....all day long. But, up in their little attic, she had a quilt frame that was, pretty much, always holding a quilt. Her stitches were so tiny and perfect!! It was amazing!!

Once a quilt is in the frame...you, basically, work on it here and there....when you have a little time! MomMom and I spent quite a bit of time, up in that attic, but....I think Mrs. Snyder logged way more hours than we did! She, actually, logged the hours when she made one! She could tell you...that one
 took 203 hours, that one took 198. And, yes, that's how much work goes into one of these pieces of art!!

I fell in love with quilts that Summer (and well into that Winter....again...that IS how long it takes!!) and I still love them!! That's one of the reasons it was SO hard for me to cut into the one I used to redo my rocking chair (see last week's blog!!!) and brings me to my next subject!!

I have been working on pillows!! I, recently, completed all of the ones in this picture. They are all made from old, beautiful quilt pieces....that someone ELSE cut!! It has been really special to work with pieces of the past...pieces that someone else put so much love into creating!! I feel like I have given them a new life and I am super excited to get to do that!! I still have some pieces left from the quilt I used for my chair...so I am going to make some small pillows and sell them at the shop!! I would love for YOU to love them, too!

I will let you know as soon as they are done!!

Have a great Monday...and Happy Summer!!

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