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Monday, June 13, 2016

The chair......

I thought we would take a little detour from my stories....to tell you another story!!

Actually....I wanted to show you my rocking chair!!! Hahaha....and it, too, comes with a story!!

I have had this chair most of my life! When we were living in my MomMom's "weekend" house....and getting closer to the completion of the one we were building....the yard sale hunting began!! This chair was a yard sale find!

It was "made over" all of those years ago to match my new bedroom...and has been with me ever since!

Not only has it been with me....it has been made over time after time after time....and now....it has been made over again!!

I, unfortunately, was SO excited to get this project started....I totally forgot to take any before pictures!!  I will do my best to paint a mental picture for you....

The wicker is in perfect condition. That is saying something....because it usually is not!! The seat
 "cushion" comes out....but it is no "regular" seat cushion. It has springs and metal inside and it weighs a TON!! The back is, also, full of springs and stuff to make it more comfortable. But...from years of wear and tear...both of those cushions needed a bit of TLC. This last time...it was a very dark green with a khaki colored check patterned material on the seat and back. But....it has been yellow...and white...and has had many different materials on the cushions. You would think....because I have made it over so many times....that it is an easy job!! Well....it's NOT!!! All of the sewing, on the seat cushion, has to be done by hand....and that beast of a cushion has to be in my lap the whole time!!

I got the idea into my head that I wanted to recover it with an old quilt. Now....this, alone, was a HUGE "thing"!!! I am a quilt lover....LOVER!! I know all about the time and work that goes into them...(more about all of that in another "story"!!) and I just love to look at them!! The creativity and artistry is just amazing!! Now....knowing this....and knowing ME....would I be able to bring myself to "cut" (ahhhhhhh!!!) a quilt apart??? But....I couldn't get the idea out of my head. It's what I wanted!! SO....I spent hours and hours on Etsy and EBay looking for "cutter" quilts. Cutter quilts are quilts with issues...damage that exists (that I had nothing to do with!) that makes it "okay" (????) to cut it apart!! But...at the same time...I needed enough "good" parts to cover the chair!! I finally found "the one" and ordered it!! I loved the colors and the idea that the star burst would be right in the middle of the back.

And then....it arrived! Oh....the hours and hours and hours of work! All of those tiny little pieces of fabric...cut and sewn together...by hand! Those tiny, tiny stitches!!! It was, already, cut. Someone had taken a pretty good strip off of both sides. I can only assume there was damage. My head was saying...it's okay...it's going to be given new life and a place of honor!! My heart, on the other hand, said....just fold it up and love it the way it is!!!

I stripped all of the old fabric off....and painted the wicker this amazing red. And then...the moment of truth. I grabbed my wonderful, made for fabric and fabric alone, scissors....and made my mind focus on the job....and NOT the quilt....and started to cut!! I am SO glad that I did!!!!

I added new padding to the seat....and new filling and webbing to the back. There is new fabric (old-fashioned looking red and white ticking) on the underside of the seat cushion...and the backside of the  "back"....because I didn't want to "waste" any of the quilt on parts that you couldn't see. I have enough left to make something....or maybe even several somethings...I will keep you posted!

I am so excited and happy about this make over....and about preserving so many pieces of the past....mine and whoever made this beautiful quilt!

Sweet Memories....for sure!!

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