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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The winds of change.....

 So.....how do you feel about change??

Personally....I like it.

I change wall colors, furniture placement....I have even changed room purposes once or twice!

I am, practically, "famous" for all of the changes at the shop. I hear "oh...you changed things" all day long!! We change the menu every week..and the offerings in the bakery case can, and often DO, change hourly!!

Changing things keeps them interesting and fresh. And, sometimes, changes are just necessary.

I, recently, changed the color of this hutch. I am not sure I am "done" with it...I may distress it a little. I do love the creamy, buttery yellow...I am living with it. I will "know" what else needs to be done to it...if anything else does.

I trust my instincts....and am pretty decisive. Basically....when I get an idea in my head....I know when it's going to work....and when it's not.

Well....the winds of change are a blowing....again!!

We just had a "birthday" here at Sweet Memories. We are now, officially, 22 years old. I think 22 years in business is a pretty big deal! Way, way back at the beginning....I trusted my instincts and knew that Sweet Memories would work.

During the past 22 years there have been a few changes. Some of them came about because I wanted them to....some came about because they needed to....but all of them have helped us to become who...and what...we are!

Now....there are a few NEW changes, on the horizon.

They are all going to be good changes....I promise. But they ARE going to mean that some things will be different, around here!

I am excited to get my new ideas going....and, I hope, you will be excited about them, too. I am not, quite, ready to divulge the details...yet. But I promise that when I AM....you will be the first to know!

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