Welcome to Sweet Memories

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The big day is HERE!!!!

It's here, it's here....the BIG day is here!!!

Today is the day that we will reopen the gift shop and let you see what we have been up to!!

These past weeks have just "flown" by (hahaha....get it??) I have had a moment or two of doubt. Doubt about my decision to change things so drastically. Doubt about actually being able to get it all done. But.....those doubts were few, and they are long gone!!

The gift shops look like I have always wanted them to look.....the displays are exactly what I had "in my head"....and the merchandise selection is well on it's way to being EXACTLY what I want to offer!!

We accomplished everything on our list. We had a list of renovations to do.....painting, building...refreshing.....done. We had a list of handmade goodies that we wanted to present to you....they all got done, too!! I have a great selection of antiques and vintage wares.....and a great selection of "new" merchandise, too.

It will only get better as time goes on. We will have even more time to "make" things, more time to find amazing vintage and antique treasures.....and my "new merchandise" selections will be even more focused and awesome!!!

We have "explained" this new way of doing things a LOT over the last month plus....and I know it's a really different concept. But.....let's be honest here.....you have come to expect the unexpected from us!! Sweet Memories, and the family that owns it, is about as unique and special as it gets!! Trust me. Hang in there....eventually this "new way" of doing things will be second nature. And....each and every time you shop, upstairs, will be exciting. Every new season will bring treasures that will make you happy. I promise!

I know I am excited. Excited for the opportunity to give you the Sweet Memories experience! An experience you just can't get anywhere else!!

Doors open at 10:00......and we can't wait to see you!!