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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The gingerbread tradition.....

I say it every year....once the first of September arrives....life is a roller coaster! Time goes SO fast....and, even though I have a ton of things that I want to tell you...want to blog about....there just aren't enough hours in a day!

I am planning a tutorial about gingerbread houses. I have given this a lot of thought...and decided that, in order to do it "right", I need to break this up into more than one blog post.

I started this tradition when my kids were little. We always decorated the house on Christmas Eve. That probably sounds crazy...I mean, don't we all have "too much" to do on Christmas Eve?? But, to the little ones, it can be the longest day of the year!! It was always a fun, much anticipated, use of Christmas excitement energy. And helped to make the day go "faster"!

It is such an important tradition in our family that, years and years ago, I decided to teach the art of gingerbread house construction so that it could be part of lots of people's traditions! We held SO many classes, over the years....and I built SO MANY houses!! When I started the classes...I went through all of the steps. Making the dough, designing the house, cutting out the pieces, baking them off, making the icing (super important!!) and constructing the house. But....eventually...it became very obvious that my students were far more interested in decorating than constructing. And it became more of a workshop than a class! (Yes....we were WAY ahead of the trends...and had classes and workshops before they were everywhere!!)

Here, however, I am going to walk you through ALL of the steps....and I am going to pass along all of the tips and techniques that I have learned and perfected over the years. There are lots of ways to make this a fun, stress free project. And I want you to come to love this tradition as much as we do!

So....come back soon (I hope!!!) and we will start at the beginning! Just as a "heads up"...I have ordered all kinds of AMAZING candy to decorate your creation and I will be "getting it out" soon! Stop in to Sweet Memories before you go looking anywhere else!! And....I have been pinning ideas like CrAzY!! Go check out my gingerbread house Pinterest Board and start to get some ideas!!

Oh....this is going to be fun!!!

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