Welcome to Sweet Memories

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Welcoming Spring!!!!

It has been too long...again!

How have you been? We....have been busy!

We are gearing up for our next "Marketplace"...our SPRING Marketplace!!! Is there anything more exciting than that?

I mean....who doesn't love Spring?

I think about this Marketplace just about every waking moment of the day. I think about the displays, the merchandise....and how much you are all going to enjoy your shopping experience! After all....that IS the point!

Actually....I think I need to explain "the point" again!

I know this is a unique (translation...unheard of!) idea...and I expected it to take a little time to catch on. I am okay with that! In the last twenty two years that we have been "Sweet Memories" we have had all kinds of crazy ideas...and they have all been embraced...eventually!!

So....explanation.....I am a control freak. Period. There are other contributing reasons for this change....but the main reason is simply that I am a control freak. I wanted to design and execute all of the displays myself. I wanted to have more time to find vintage treasures and beautiful handmade creations (even create some myself!!) and, the only way all of those things could happen was to make some changes.

We have been explaining these changes everyday...all day...and I know some people are still confused  even after they hear the explanation!! First...I just want you to know that was not the goal!! Second...I am happy that you enjoyed shopping in our gift shop. I have always been really proud of our merchandise selection and loved "shopping" for the things we carried. However...not all of it had my heart. This new concept...has my whole heart!!

Given time....it will capture yours, too!

I know it's different....and not at all what you are used to....but that's what makes this so much fun!

We will be welcoming Spring March 22nd through March 25th...please plan on joining us!