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The Restaurant.....

Lets be honest. Restaurants are everywhere!! So....what makes us unique??

Our menu changes every week. Well....most of it! We keep our signature dishes on because our customers get mad if we don't!! Changing things frequently keeps things interesting, allows us to be "seasonal" and means that you can join us MANY times a week and never eat the same thing twice!!
         *****Lunch is served Tuesday through Saturday
                     11:00 to 2:30
                Reservations are strongly recommended!!
We only serve "Supper" (an old-fashioned word that I love!!!) on Friday Nights. That is the night we felt we could put "our spin" on dinner!!
          *****Friday Night is bistro-style....
                     Hearty soups, chili, homemade macaroni & cheese, roasted potatoes, grilled sandwiches, wraps, hot roast beef, turkey, pork BBQ....you get the idea!!
                 We serve this from 5:00 to 7:00 and reservations are NOT necessary (we are trying to keep this one spontaneous!! I would still recommend coming earlier though!!!)
           *****Sunday Brunch is served from 10:00 to 2:00
                          This is the only "breakfast" we serve....so we make it as special as possible!! We have sweets (stuffed french toast, gourmet pancakes....) and egg dishes....and a few "lunch-y" menu options too!! Again...this changes every week. I think that explains why we have so many people come EVERY Sunday!!
                        Reservations are strongly recommended!!

For reservations...or any questions you may have...610-967-0296


  1. Have been going here for years and years. Consistently wonderful place to eat and shop!

  2. Hi - I wanted to bring my Mother-in-law for lunch tomorrow (Tues 7/1/14) at 12:30 but haven't yet been able to reach anyone to make the reservation. Could I please have a reservation for two on Tue 7/1 at 12:30? I'll keep checking back on this blog throughout today (Mon) and will keep calling to hopefully leave a message at the shop. Thanks very much! Gloria K

  3. Any chance for a lunch reservation for two at 11 AM tomorrow Tuesday June 06? I use the name DavidJR. Thanks, I'll check back here...I tried to call the number but alas, no answer...

  4. Hi, I also have been trying to get a reservation but I'm unable to get through. I love going here with my grandmother and would like to take my best friend for her birthday. I would like to reserve a table for 2 under the name Katee on Saturday the 6th at 11:30am. I will try and call again tomorrow but if u could let me my number is 484-894-0831. Thank you.