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The Bakery....

This is, literally, where Sweet Memories started!!

Once upon a time....I did custom baking...in a "home" oven!! Everything from breads to pies....cheesecakes to Christmas cookies!! I, also, decorated cakes!! I dreamed of the day when I would have a commercial space...and a commercial oven!! Dreams DO come true...and things change!! Well....some things!! I still take orders and you can still order everything from pies to cheesecakes to Christmas cookies....but I don't make "decorated" cakes anymore. Sometimes you just have to know when to say....enough!!

I bake everyday....all day!! Everything is done in small batches....from scratch....the old-fashioned way!! I don't think there is any other way to do it!!!

Basically....what this means
       As much as I would LOVE to do everything for everyone....I can't!! If you would like to order a cake, a pie, a cheesecake, cookies....4 cupcakes...or 40 cupcakes...you need to call as SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!(and....just as a side note...it's a really good idea NOT to call at lunchtime!! We are amazing multi-taskers but would prefer to give you our undivided attention!!)  Large quantities (cookies, cupcakes, brownies etc.) and anything WHOLE (pies, cheesecakes, cakes....) NEED to be ordered!!!

I file my orders in by date...and when that date is full...it's full!! I can't do anymore!!! ( keep in mind...I, also, need to keep the bakery case full....that's where people eating in the restaurant order their dessert!!) I don't want to freeze anything, buy anything already made or cut any other corners!! I, also, hate to disappoint anyone...but the bottom line is...there are only so many hours in a day...and I am only one person!! I take a lot of pride in my baking....and I don't want that to change!! However...sometimes...someone gets mad at me because I am booked and cannot add anymore to my list (see comments below!!!!!) I am sorry....but I do the best I can!!!

We have a cake list available at the shop (and also available right here in the "pages" section!!)....but I would be more than happy to make you anything you can think of....so don't hesitate to call!! Just remember to give me as much time as possible!!! (also remember...it doesn't matter how much time you give me...if I am booked...I am booked!!!) 610-967-0296


  1. I usually stop once a week for a delicious dessert for a dinner with a special friend. He absolutely loved the chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter icing. I decided to order a cake for his birthday on October 2nd. I stopped for my usual once a week dessert approximately two weeks ago and to also order the whole cake to surprise him for his birthday (NOT a decorated one). I was extremely disappointed to be told that it was impossible to order it due to the busy week.

  2. I've called twice now to place an order for a birthday for pick up for my mother's birthday in a couple weeks and have been asked to call back both times! They couldn't take a cake order over the phone for me. I'm at the point where I may just say forget it! Luckily it's my mother's favorite cake so I may or may not call again. If I do decide to call back AGAIN I sure hope I am not told they won't be able to make the cake in time as I have in the past. Hence why I am attempting to place my order weeks in advance.
    Very disappointed!

  3. I work in Food Service and if you want your business to grow..and keep happy returning customers...fantastic service is the way to go.

    ..I had to go some where else to purchase my cake. I was so disappointed at how I was handled! :(

  4. Thank you Sweet Memories for the most beautiful and delicious Summer Berry Cake. It made our party! and was loved by all. Can't wait to try more sweet things and stop in for lunch. Such a cute store nestled in downtown Emmaus!

    1. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the kind words!! I am so glad everyone enjoyed it!!!!

  5. I just ordered my cake (needed for a birthday in December) right away... it's September! So I'm good to go! Didn't want to take any chances of not being able to get it. That's how great places are... ORDER IN ADVANCE!! Their Chocolate Peanut Butter Crumb cake is perfection... my husband tried it, and said it's the best cake he's EVER had. He's not a cake person at all, either! I couldn't stop eating the piece my friend had brought me... It's perfectly balanced!

    That's why I ordered so early, too. You have to understand that a small business can only do so much baking in a day, and if they're good, the orders will be coming in... so do yourself a service and order way early. It's totally worth it!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for understanding.....and for the sweet words!!! 😊

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  8. My cousin told me about the bakery a week. Before my mother's Surprise 85th Birthday party. I ordered a birthday cake and the Chocolate Raspberry Cream cake. They were a big hit! Loved the cakes. I am a steady customer now! Thank you Sweet Memories

  9. Chrisann LoccariniMay 16, 2018 at 2:28 PM

    Best baked goods in the Lehigh Valley by far. My grandmother was the best baker and this place is just as good.����