Welcome to Sweet Memories

The Gift Shop....

I believe our homes should be our Happy Place. I think the decor...our collections....and the way we celebrate in those homes should be a reflection of who we are...not the latest trends! I think everyday should be a celebration....and every Holiday should shine!

We have made some changes here at Sweet Memories. As much as I have always loved filling the gift shops with wonderful merchandise, I felt like something was missing. I think that "something" was my full attention. In order to fix that....I have changed the way we operate the shops.

They will be open seasonally....with very limited hours....but much, much more amazing detail.

I am carrying more vintage, antique and handmade (much of which is made by my husband and I) and the displays are better than ever!!

If you love your home....and love to make it special....be sure to note when the shops will be open....and come in and see what we have been up to!


  1. Looking forward to lunch with a great friend on Saturday and finally get to the gift shop.

  2. I LOVE this place!!! The food is Excellent!

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